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Running Only Some Ruby-Core Unit Tests

Today I learned something, that probably everyone but me already knew. I wanted to run only a subset of ruby-core’s unit tests, because running them all takes quite a while. I didn’t find a way to do it in the README, and it took me quite a while of googleing to find this post.

To summarize, instead of just running make test-all, you can for example do make test-all TESTS="csv/" to run all tests in test/csv/. You can even be more specific and pass a test file, to run only that.

A Continuous Integration Vagrant Box for Lets Code JavaScript

I’ve been catching up on James Shores Lets Code: Test-Driven JavaScript, and upon reaching episode 4, it was time to set up a continuous integration box. James decided to go with a windows box, but I decided this was the time to finally try Vagrant. In case anyone is interested in trying it out, you can find the required files and setup instructions on GitHub. This is the first time, I’m using Vagrant, so there is the possibility I made some mistakes, and I’d be happy to accept suggestions or pull requests to improve this.

For those interested, I’ll go over the details below.